Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures Live Stream | BIG FISH SATURDAY

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Join me this afternoon for BIG FISH Saturday, live on YouTube!
I'll be showing you some maaaaagnificent fish folks.
We'll be travelling all over, from Tongariro River in NZ where we catch Trout, to Cairns for some Trevally, to El Questro and beyond. And who could forget that great Murray Cod!
Look forward to chatting with you all. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell so you're notified when we go live.
See you at 5pm AEST ????

Disclaimer: At the time of filming this video all State and Territory species size and bag limits were adhered to, as were all boating and maritime laws. Please check with your local authorities for any updates. Contact details of charter operators or tourism authorities may have also changed since the production of this video.


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