RG350 - Game & Watch Emulator #2

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Hello guys, it's MashTec here!

only a few days after the first version of a Game & Watch emulator for the RG350, the developer team released a new version of it.
This time the emulator allows to take roms, so we are actually able to play any Game & Watch game (including the nintendo classics; such as Octopus, Parachute, and many more).
The name of the emulator made it pretty obvious, that the developers used the G&W libretro core (the same core as used in RetroArch) in their emulator. Also, this version is reduced to the essential functionality to play Game & Watch games, compared to the previous version. I belive this version could also easily be included into front-ends like EmulationStation.
Now let's take closer look to this version of the Game & Watch emulator and let me show you the Pro's and Cons of it. Enjoy!

Download Game & Watch emulator:

select: quits the emulator
start: starts the game
D-Pad and Action: controls

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