Road to Panchase EP. 1 | Switchback Adventures | Off-road | MTB | Nepal

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Road to Panchase EP. 1 | Switchback Adventure | Off-road | MTB | Nepal

2020 was a tough year for all but, looking wisely from above, it gave us a huge opportunity to explore many new places and do some crazy stuffs. From trail exploration to trail building to enduro riding, the list goes on. We say; "it was one hell of a year!"

We had been planning for an adventure trip with our whole crew for a quite some time. Finally, we got the chance to make it happen with the perks of pandemic giving us enough leisure time. Our primary destination of this trip was Mustang but due to the lockdown we had to change our plans. Good thing was, we got the chance to explore many more places instead of one. We adapted with the situation and modified our plans as we went on further with our trip. The excitement and thrill of exploring and riding new places everyday was just phenomenal .

The journey of our adventure begins with this first episode(KTM-PANCHASE). Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the next episode where we explore Panchase. A day full of adventure where we'll be hunting new trails with extreme as well as hilarious ride moments.

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Dirt Bike:
Jay Kaltbiker

Mangal Lama Biker Mangal

Anuj Pandey

Sisan Baniya

Anurag Maharjan

Ajay Thapa Magar

Saruk Tamrakar

Mountain Bike:
Roan Tamang

Nirav Shrestha

Video Team:
Rashik Maharjan

Stock Photography Nepal

Prabish Newa

Support team:
Abiral Kakshapati

Sushant Kakshapati

Bini Theeng

Sabina Dong

Phoebe Bhattarai
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