Roblox PIGGY In Real Life - Distorted Memory

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The NOOB Family was enjoying a peaceful slumber when a scary nightmare awoke them all. Roblox Piggy in Real Life has them trapped once again, this time in Distorted Memory. The NOOB Family instantly knows that this Piggy is unlike the rest. This Piggy is foggy, feels distant, and is spooky scary! Some of their memories are fuzzy and they have to work together to figure this map out. Even the simplest tasks will take longer than normal to perform with the bot on their every move. Will everyone be able to escape? Will Memory hear their terrified cries and take them out one by one with her bat? Watch and find out.

Where does this event fall in the series timeline? Do you have the answer?

Chapter 1: House
Chapter 2: Station
Chapter 3: Gallery
Chapter 4: Forest
Chapter 5: School
Chapter 6: Hospital
Chapter 7: Metro
Chapter 8: Carnival
Chapter 9: City
Chapter 10: Mall
Chapter 11: Outpost
Chapter 12: Plant
Chapter 12: True Ending


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