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At the trailer launch of , director Shankar revealed that he will come up with if he is able to write a suitable script. Director Shankar's dream project is all geared up to hit the theatres worldwide on November 29. The sci-fi film is a sequel to the director's Endhiran, which released in 2010.

Enter the version of Chitti. These tiny Thalaivar microbots are winning hearts all over. It is as though all of Rajinikanth’s swagger has been packaged into this small adorable red robot. Do you go ‘awww’ or whistle at its antics? Simple, you do both. This is one of Shankar’s best ideas in terms of marketability because this character is sure to be a hit with children. saves the day in the film, by riding pigeons and taunting Birdman by gesturing that the microbots are going to kill the birds. You may argue that this is not in good taste but you can’t deny that it is fun.

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