Rory McIlroy Implodes: 15 shots in 2 holes at The Northern Trust (8/22/20)

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One of us! One of us!
Kidding aside, that's all I can say about the man. Very classy player who goes by the rules, just a pro's pro and is a true modern golfer. Just struggling now but is way too talented for it to continue.

Hole #2
Shot 1: 0:04
Shot 2: 0:25
Shot 3: 0:45
Shot 5: 1:24
Shot 6: 1:40
Shot 7: 1:50
Shot 8: 1:56

Hole #6
Shot 1: 1:58
Shot 2: 2:14
Shot 3: 2:45
Shot 4: 3:00
Shot 5: 3:25
Shot 6: 3:33
Shot 7: 3:42

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