RTX 3090 Overclocking Battle vs. JayzTwoCents & Paul's Hardware (ft. Liquid Metal)

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Finally catching up on our work, which means we had some time for a foray into an overclocking battle with JayzTwoCents & Paul's Hardware. Jay is on chilled air, so we'll soon escalate!
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UPDATE: We've posted a 28K score now and are right behind Jay. Get the most up to date scores on the leaderboard: +royal+3dmark+score+performance+preset/version+

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In this video, we're revisiting our #RIPJAY series -- and now Paul is involved, too! We're all slowly escalating our overclocks and mods to battle one another for top-not-first position on the Port Royal leaderboards. In this one, GN is introducing liquid metal, but we'll probably have to invoke physical hardmods next since one of our two cards is a dud for overclocking. Much more to come!

Parts Used:

Intel i9-10900KF on Amazon:
ASUS Z490 Maximus XII Apex on Amazon:
EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 on Amazon (eventually):
GSkill 4000MHz RAM on Amazon:
Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal on Amazon:

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00:00 - #RIPJAY & #RIPPAUL Underway!
01:28 - Some Limitations & Card Choices
03:40 - SLI Doesn't Line-Up Easily on Good Boards
07:25 - Strapping Fans to the Bench
11:30 - PCIe Slot Power Draw
14:30 - Two Circuits, Two PSUs
17:30 - Basic CPU Overclock
19:56 - GPU Overclocking & Limitations on Air
26:19 - Liquid Metal Time
32:10 - RIPPAUL, Jay is Next

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Host, Mad Scientist: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
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