S1: E8: Another HUGE Bridge for the Layout!: Custom-made Great Northern Rock Island Bridge.

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In this installment I complete the final assembly, paint and weathering of an exact scale model of the Great Northern (now BNSF) Rock Island "Bridge within a Bridge". The real bridge crosses the Columbia river in Washington state, USA. Only two of these models exist and one is going on my layout.

Pine Creek Paint Co
(limited run laser cut craftsman kit)

Stuff I used making this video:

Pliabond Contact Cement
(gluing rail to roadbed)

Microtip applicator tips
(absolutely essential for precision Pliabond application)

Sobo Craft Glue
(general purpose craft glue)

Complete Airbrush Outfit
(used on this bridge project)

Airbrush cleaning kit

Airbrush cleaning fluid

Earth tone pastels

Gray tone pastels(weathering)

Drywall sanding screen
(for turning pastels into powder)

Micromark Track Tools
(alignment gauges, etc)
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