Sasha and Grime's Robot Army to Storm Newtopia! (Amphibia Season 2 Theory)

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Will Sasha and Grime's character arcs accumulate into storming Newtopia with an army they know they can control?


Amphibia has consistently built up Grime and his need for a proper army, alongside Sasha and her need to control others. After the destruction of Toad Tower, it was revealed Grime was branded as a fugitive in the episode Toadcatcher, where he and Sasha clashed with General Yunan and decided to set their sights on Newtopia in order to overthrow King Andrias. But, with what army? Well, thanks to Fort in the Road, the mysterious robot factories and Frobo following the Plantars, it's possible that the toads can arrive to the capital with their own robot army! Taking clues from throughout season 2 with Fort in the Road, The Sleepover to End all Sleepovers and A Day at the Aquarium, here's why we believe more Frobos are coming!


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