Snaps! Fan Made Pokemon Game || Gameplay Promo (PC)(FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Download it Free for PC & More Info at:

(Youtube won't let me turn on comments, someone hellllp)

The Gameplay Promo video for Snaps! Fan Made, a fan made game inspired by Pokemon Snap.

This game is FREE to download from the Github link below.

This is not an official Pokémon Product/Game. This is a FAN MADE passion project.
Pokémon , the characters, and logos in said franchise are owned and operated by The Pokémon Company their Subsidiaries and any Parent Companies. No one on this team owns or is authorized to use these models or characters. This project is a fan project that was developed to learn the Unity Engine and game development.
This game is free of charge as is. No one on this team has/will sell or distribute this project for monetary gain as it is not our legal property.

Snaps! is a FAN MADE game developed by a guy and a few of his friends during his free time over years.

Directed and Developed by Justin Jaro
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