SO YUMMY! Super Drew's Best Adventures with Tasty Foods! Bon Appetit! | Cartoons for Kids

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Speed soda! Sentient Onions! A LEMONADE STAND?! That and even more as we explore yummy foods and tasty treats with Super Drew! Bon appetit!
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Cool School’s most awesome superhero The Stupendous Drew Pendous!

Drew is a lot like every little kid who ever ran around their house in a cape, except that he's a real superhero, armed with his imagination, his friends and his amazing Pen Ultimate! Whether he’s battling the monster under the bed, having epic chases with the bad guys from Cruel School, coming to the rescue of his friends in danger, or racing to save the day, there is no problem that is too tough for Drew to solve! Drew can draw anything, from cool vehicles, toys, gadgets, and anything else you can think of! After all, you just have to be super creative and super excited to be a superhero!

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