Sonic Movie 2 Mania Plus Mod - Released Version (DOWNLOAD LINK IN DESCRIPTION) - First Release!

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Sonic Movie is finally out in the Cinemas and you can buy tickets to watch Sonic's mysterious story!! And I thought I'd make a Sonic Movie Mania Plus Mod [Project] version featuring Sonic's new Model design. In this version, I have already started the Sonic Movie 2 Mania Plus Mod Project as we move on to the second section, but the revision number changes. And i'm addes a New Releases Boss Fight, the boss fight is BETA Movie Baby Sonic model fight into GIGA Metal Sonic Fight and the Smaller Metal Sonic is added a Teen Sonic 1 Version! This Version is a First Releases version of Sonic Movie 2 Mania Plus Mod Try this Mod for ownself and write me down the comment how it like the Mod! But have a problems in this Version but i'm working on the Next version for fix the problems don't worry i'm dont't miss this Mod i make more fixes on the next version! More to come soon!

-Find Here the Download Link of The Mod: (BETA Releases) - First Releases

And do you have any ideas for what's to come in the Next Versions? If so, write it in the Comment section. More Extra and Specials find at the Next Version!

Has anyone among you for Collect a Sonic Movie Toy stuff? If yes write it down in the comment section.

Enjoy this Mod videos, and see you next time, and Thanks for watching! This Mods is coming more updates, stay up to date!
Mod Version: (Movie Special) Sonic Movie 2 Project ()

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