Star Wars The Old Republic the adventures Of Jedi Athena 1 2

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Star Wars The Old Republic the adventures Of Jedi Athena is an online gameplay as some of the most powerful Jedi star wars the old republic the adventures of Jedi Athena 1 2
Defence, Shield, and Absorb are the 3 main tanking stats (if you have any Accuracy/Alacrity/Crit/Surge pieces in your gear, get rid of them ASAP!). To find your "Mitigation Stat Pool", open your Character Sheet and hover over your Defence, Shield Chance, and Shield Absorption. In the parenthesis, you will see the rating for each of those stats. When you add the three values, you get your total mitigation stat pool. This is a swtor tank guild. star wars the old republic Jedi walkthrough tank become one of the last Jedi

Below is a condensed version of the average optimal stat distribution for the latest content (DF and DP).

1800 Stat Budget: Def - 413, Shield - 566, Absorb - 821
2000 Stat Budget: Def - 423, Shield - 647, Absorb - 930
2200 Stat Budget: Def - 422, Shield - 741, Absorb - 1037
2400 Stat Budget: Def - 402, Shield - 856, Absorb - 1142

%'s at 2200 Stat Budget: Def ~ 22%, Shield ~ 34%, Absorb ~45%

I play and stream live on my twitch stream the link is

I started of playing World Of Warcraft when I was about 8 years old I av played with some big guilds.
As I have now got older I now play lots of MMO games.
I have now been gaming online for about 12yrs and now got the time with doing my university work as I do game design.
I am levelling my character Holy-cleavage as shadow tank. on Swtor
Could star wars still a top MMORPG could it still be one of the best MMO 2020
Is star wars the old republic free yes then you can get a paid account.

star wars the old republic classes are what you want to play ie DPS tank healer.
star wars the old republic races is what you like in a toon and you can play male and female.
star wars the old republic can be steam on YOU-TUBE or on TWITCH like i do my self.

If people wont to see how to level on Star Wars The Old Republic i play live stream most of the time on TWITCH. Star Wars Online

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