Steam Whistle Compilation 3

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In the third installment of steam whistle compilations, we take a look at all the beautiful steam locomotive whistles we heard in 2020. These voices of the past are heard all over the United States, ringing out as reminders of these mighty machines that served this country. From the plains and woods of Pennsylvania, to the mountainous dense forests of West Virginia, join us as we take a listen to a selection of 1, 3, and 6 Chime steam whistles.

Want to see more of these steam locomotives? If so, be sure to check out the other videos on my channel for extended versions of what is seen in this video.

Whistles In This Video:

0:00 Intro
0:09 Strasburg/Canadian National 89: Pennsylvania Railroad 3 Chime
0:49 Cass Scenic Railroad Parade of Steam
Climax 9: Crosby 3 Chime
Shay 4: Louisville & Nashville (L&N) 3 Chime
Shay 5: Lunkenheimer 3 Chime
Shay 2: Lunkenheimer 3 Chime
Shay 11: C&O Shortbell Single Chime Hooter
4:29 Norfolk & Western 475: N&W 12 Inch Single Chime Hooter
5:21 Cass Scenic Railroad Shay 11: C&O Shortbell Single Chime Hooter
6:30 Cass Scenic Railroad Heisler 6 (Durbin Rocket): Lonergan 3 Chime
7:54 Reading & Northern 425: Reading 6 Chime (From T-1 2102)
9:15 Reading & Northern 425: Baltimore and Ohio “Tumor Top” 3 Chime
10:28 Reading & Northern 425: Southern Ps-4 Whistle (Longbell 3 Chime)
11:27 New Hope & Ivyland 40: 6 Inch Crosby 3 Chime
12:22 Strasburg/Great Western 90: Reading 6 Chime
13:37 Strasburg/Canadian National 89: Pennsylvania Railroad 3 Chime
14:07 Wilmington and Western 58: Baldwin 3 Chime
15:10 New Hope & Ivyland 40: Central Railroad of New Jersey/CNJ 3 Chime
15:48 Outro


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