Suicide Squad 2 Comic Con Teaser Announcement - The Batman and DC 2020 Trailer Breakdown

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Suicide Squad 2 Comic Con Teaser Announcement. The Batman 2021 Comic Con Trailer, DC Fandome 2020 Trailer and Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer ►
Superman Man of Steel 2 Announcement ►
Suicide Squad 2 First Look Teaser ►
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Covering new Suicide Squad 2 Teaser, DC Fandome 2020 Trailer Comic Con Event Breakdown. The Batman 2021 Comic Con Trailer, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer, Black Adam Teaser, Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, Green Lantern HBO and more DC Comic Con Panel Plans Explained for the Special Event.

I'll do Comic Con Trailer videos for all the footage they release. Lots more coming from The Batman 2021 Comic Con Panel with Robert Pattinson, Zack Snyder's Justice League Snyder Cut Panel, Black Adam Comic Con Panel with The Rock and The Suicide Squad 2021 Comic Con Panel.

There will be Panels for pretty much every DC Movie and DC TV Series. With footage from most of them, but not everything. So I'll do more videos for the event when they release more details!

There's also a separate San Diego Comic Con 2020 Event happening online. But DC will be releasing all of their panels and footage through their own separate special event.

Marvel Comic Con 2020 Plans haven't been released yet. But They will also probably do something similar. So I'll also do Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos for anything they release. Full Avengers Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer, Wandavision Trailer, Venom 2 Trailer, Spider Man 3 Preview, Marvel Eternals Trailer, Thor 4 Teaser and anything else!

Lots of Footage coming this summer!

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