⭐ Super Mario 64 Switch Port - v8 - Yuzu emulator - 60FPS with Mods

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There's some audio desync.

***Don't ask or share where to find this version with mods, it's piracy.***
***No preguntes ni compartas donde encontrar esta versión con mods, es piratería.***

I don't make mods, ports or games, ONLY VIDEOS.
No hago mods, ports o juegos, SOLO VIDEOS.

Super Mario 64 Switch port

***SM64 Switch Port v8***

-v8 includes support for new models such as the much requested sgi models

-Custom models and texture packs are now included in the nsp and can be swapped on and off via the pause menu

-New menu options are added such as being able to remain in a level after collecting a star and a mirror mode

-A new option to disable framepacing was added to prevent lag from custom models

-General bugfixes and improvements

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