SwiftUI Local Notifications App (Part 1)

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0:00 Run through of app we are building
0:54 NotificationListView setup
1:16 NotificationManager setup and notifications array
1:58 @StateObject setup
2:15 List setup to display notifications
3:00 Checking status from notification settings
4:35 onAppear
4:49 onChange
6:00 Requesting authorization and handling response
7:56 Reload local notifications
8:56 Add NavigationListView as primary view in a NavigationView

In this video I start to build out a mini app to create, display and delete Local Notifications using SwiftUI. I show a preview of what we will be building and then start on creating a class to handle our interaction with UNNotificationRequests.

I run through how we can ask the user for permission if we detect that the authorization status is undetermined and then how we can emit the status to the view and decide what course of action we need to take when the status changes using an onChange modifier.

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