TF2 Halloween 2020 Exploits 2

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My Team Fortress 2 Server - :27015
(Custom RTD mode)

TF2 Hud - toonhud

Sneaky Business;
Kevin Macleod - Hyperfun;
TF2 music;
NFH2 music;
ES_Becoming Mr Bossa - Redeemin';
ES_Rush to Russia - Sight of Wonders;
ES_Jim & the Umbrella - Mike Franklyn;
USSR cartoon "treasure island" ost;

Special thanks to:
Dary for awesome Thumbnail :)
Ninja Cookie for awesome outro :)
Frost and many others for map exploit :)

Team Fortress 2 is a steam free to play (f2p) game made by Valve. Largest community with guide and tutorial, sfm (source filmmaker) fun and epic movies, trade, unusual hats, beautiful gameplay, many funny gamemodes and pro leagues.
In my opinion, this is the best fps game yet.
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