That Scared Me... Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 8 Review/Analysis

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Re:Zero belongs in the horror genre. That rabbit scene was absolutely terrifying. Even though I read the novels and knew it was coming, this episode was so well-directed that it still managed to scare me.

Here's my thoughts on Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 8, or "Re:Zero Episode 33".

This was my favorite episode so far this season, topping even Episode 4. The adaptation was perfect and White Fox has proven once again that Re:Zero is a contender for Anime Of The Year. In this episode, Garfiel uses his beast transformation to attack Subaru, Otto, Patrasche, and Ram. Subaru survives, and wakes up a while later to find the Sanctuary empty, and covered in snow. He then runs into a cute rabbit, which turns out to be a vicious demon beast. After using Return by Death, he meets with Echidna again and speaks openly about his Return By Death ability for the first time ever.

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