The 2023 Corvette Z06 Will Be Here Within 3 Months

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The c8 has been out in base form for like 2 years so the track speced z06 is DUE to say the least

While what Chevy released today was just a teaser there are a few things we know

The base car is a cross plane na v8
But the z06 goes flat plane crank and displaces

Sound familiar? It should. It’s the same motor the c8r has been using to dominate the IMSA series

The race car is limited to 500 go and 480lbft with a 6 speed sequential for race spec

The street car won’t have the same limits so expect 625 hp and 485 lbft

Gearbox will either be an 8 speed auto or more likely a DCT

Here’s the important bit:

Not only is this a flat plane motor but it’ll rev out to 9000 rpm
Only like 3 other cars rev out that high today and two of them are Porsche flat 6s
9000 rpm in a naturally aspirated engine is something we may never get again so buy it now

The power will only go to the rear wheels with an offset wheel and tire package with 345s poking out the wide rear hips - 40 mm wider than the standard car

Those 345s will be the cup 2 Michelin’s because like we said this is just rwd and will need serious grip

Other exterior acoutramants include more carbon fiber, better cooling, and some more aggressive aerodynamics but Chevy didn’t show the car

The interior was teased a month ago with a sketch that showed red buttons on the steering wheel with serious BMW m car vibes but these say spec mode on them

Carbon fiber, leather, etc in the cabin

But the important thing is that Chevy confirmed they’ll be dropping the z06 this fall so within the next 3 months.

This is great seeing as a couple weeks ago we were told the z06 was delayed for a year


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