The AtGames Adventures: Is the Legends Ultimate an Easy Choice for your Gameroom

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Detroit Love examines the differences between the different models of the AtGames Legends Ultimate Cabinets.

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Did you know that Legends Ultimate owners actually have 310 built-in games and Legends Gamer Pro owners have 160 built-in games?
Some questions have popped up of late from new Legends Ultimate (300 games version) and Legends Gamer Pro owners in regards to games that we'd like to quickly clarify. This information was directly shared, but we know that sometimes on-cabinet messages, emails, and notes in the firmware updates don't always come across for everyone.
Starting with the universal update, we temporarily disabled 7 Taito arcade games so they can be further optimized per publisher guidelines. The good news is that these optimizations are expected to be completed within a few weeks. Even better news is that in the meantime we are sending you 10 additional built-in games, which will be yours to keep.
The 7 temporarily disabled Taito arcade games are:
Arabian Magic
Balloon Bomber
Bubble Symphony
Operation Wolf
Plump Pop
Space Invaders DX
The 10 additions to your game library are:
64th Street Detective
Best Bout Boxing
Dunk Dream 95 / Street Slam / Street Hoop
Edward Randy, The Cliffhanger
Gun Ball / Nitro Ball
Night Slashers
Side Pocket (Arcade)
Super Real Darwin (Darwin 4081)
Note that your total built-in game count will show 310 games for Legends Ultimate owners and 160 games for Legends Gamer Pro owners, which includes the 7 Taito arcade games that are temporarily disabled. Once the 7 Taito arcade games are reinstated with the expected September 30 firmware update, your playable total built-in game count will remain 310 and 160 games, respectively. The gifting of the 10 games will be shown on a popup for download once your Legends Ultimate/Gamer connects to the internet and upgrades the firmware (you'll just need to reboot per the instructions).
To upgrade your firmware, simply go to Settings and select Version, then follow the prompts (you may also be automatically prompted).
If you ever need support, please reach out to our team via email at support@ Thank you.
Whether you modded your Arcade1up cabinet or kept it in the original configuration, you can make it unique and stand out. If you have an Arcade1up riser and a screwdriver, you can do this!

This video shows the shorter version of the mod of the Marvel Super Hero cabinet from Arcade1up. This mod is different in that the speaker and volume controls are different than the Street Fighter cabinet. Also, this mod not only uses the stock speaker controls, but the stock power button turns off the Pi and it turns off everything else plugged into the power strip. Include some extensive gameplay of Tekken 3.

Here is the build parts list:

What is a modded or Modified Arcade1Up Cabinet?

A modded cabinet is an arcade machine that has been modified to look and or act much differently from what the manufacturer created and made available. Your budget and imagination are your only limitations. This is a look at one particular modified Street Fighter cabinet.

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If you want to modify your Arcade1Up game cabinet, the parts list below will show you what you need.

Here is the parts list for my Galaga Modified cabinet: (affiliate link).

Here is the parts list for my Street Fighter 2 Modified cabinet: (affiliate link).

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