The Event That Disappointed the Entire Destiny Community - Destiny 2

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Special thanks to Danny for the editing:

The Event That Disappointed The Destiny Community was the Dawning 2020 and more specifically the community event aspect of it. In todays video, we examine all of the events that led up to this one, the event itself, the season of the hunt, and the implications community events have on the future of Destiny 2. Buckle up for this bumpy ride!

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Time Stamps of Each Part:
Intro: 00:00
PS5 winner: 01:39
Context Journey: 02:19
Season of the Hunt: 05:29
The Dawning: 07:00
The Outro: 12:54

Links to Footage Used/ Music:

Menagerie Gameplay

Nightfall Strike on Mars

Escolation Proto

Empyrean Foundation- Bfy

Empyrean Foundation Complete

How to get God Rolls Empyrean Foundation

Seraph tower Events

How to get Felwinter’s Lie

Season of the Hunt Weapons

The Dawning Guide

Cold Front with DragonFly

The dawning rewards

How the Lure Works

Xur Footage

The dawning is bad still

Reaction of Cayde dying

The Dawning loot

Loot reaction

Loot reaction 3



The Dawning


de Blob 2

Destiny 2 OST - On the Hunt

Destiny 2- Dawning Music

Mass Effects song
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