The Flash Season 6 Explained and Season 7 Theories

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Everything You Missed In Season 6 And Season 7 Theories!
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The World’s most popular CW series The Flash ended abruptly with the episode Success Is Assured. With three episodes remaining, how will Team Flash and Mirror Mistress’ drama end? Or will it even end at all?

We know that this stories’ third act will be smashed into the beginning of season seven, but who can wait that long? We at The Binger have been binge-watching the scarlet speedster looking for clues, and we’ve come up with several theories as to what this ending was leading up to. We’ve included Iris’ mirror-verse imprisonment, Bloodwork’s inevitable prison break, the Speed Force disappearing, Cisco going to Atlantis, Godspeed’s speed theft, Sue and Eva’s plot to assassinate Carver, and the Mirror Mistress herself’s stories to ponder what wild adventures The Flash will go on next season.

And we never take ourselves too seriously, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun with us. And yes, we do have a theory involving Aquaman and King Shark. Here’s to hoping, and Godspeed Flash fans!

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