The NFAC's Grand Master Jay Speaks Out On Legal Status, Hip-Hop, Freedom And The Future

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The NFAC's Grand Master Jay speaks.

NFAC leader Grand Master has seen some victories recently, but his plight with the government continues. Jay, who founded and leads the Black militia the NFAC, faced numerous charges related to him allegedly pointing a rifle at cops the night before the Kentucky Derby. He denies the charges vehemently.

The NFAC, or “Not F**king Around Coalition” started as a response to white vigilantes that murdered Ahmaud Ahbery as he jogged in Brunswick, Georgia. Johnson and the NFAC descended on Louisville in an effort to get justice for Breonna Taylor, a woman that was fatally shot by police in March as she slept.

Grand Master Jay was charged with five federal charges in court, but four of the five have been dropped. Jay speculates that the possible regime change from Trump to Biden has helped. Grand Master Jay has steadfastly asserted his innocence and his supporters maintain he is being targeted by the government.

In this exclusive conversation with Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, the pair "talk shop," including his present situation, the status of the NFAC, the support - or lack of support -from the Black community, how Hip-Hop factors in to all of well as the future. An important conversation on numerous topics, including the state of the movement, how press factors in and, of course, the second amendment.
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