The Revived Roman Emperor - Chapter 8 of 21

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The answer may shock you. A drama so intense that the entire universe will feel its power is unfolding—yet at the same time, the prospects for world peace and safety have never seemed brighter. Could this be the peace that leads to the end of human history? So many predictions about the end of the world have proved false that even Christians are affected by a what-difference-does-it-make attitude. But someday, while people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, centuries-old prophecies are today's headlines. Is the world on the verge of receiving a new savior who will lead an unsuspecting global community to destruction—or is the Antichrist merely an outdated bit of biblical imagery? Noted researcher and author Dave Hunt provides the solid scriptural outlook on current events that you've been waiting for. Global Peace will give you the answers you need to make sense of world events and awaken your resolve to prepare for what lies ahead. New Youtube Video
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