This 11K Mile 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix is Loaded with 90s Tech But Looks More Exciting Than It Is

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There is a soft spot in my heart for these cars, because I was a fairly young man when they came out, and there were a few in my life. I also worked at a Pontiac dealership in 1993, so I was around them when they were new - it's one of the cars of my youth.

But to appraise the situation honestly, I can readily admit that underneath all the whiz-bang tech and gadgetry, the car just wasn't all that exciting. It was a front-drive coupe with odd proportions that had reasonable performance, but far from earth-shattering. They made for good transportation, and were interesting to look at, but they were also fairly expensive at the time, and well outside my budget.

Having this nearly new example now brings back a lot of memories, and I am thoroughly enjoying having it around. It drives very well, looks like nothing else on the road today, and gets a lot of appreciative attention from people who knew them and people who didn't - the look of this car seems to have aged very well.

The gadgets inside are great fun - the bizarre switchgear, the funky door handles, the heads-up display, the combination lock glovebox - all very outside the box and cool. Also the stereo sounds great. And I secretly love the NASCAR them the prior owner cultivated, included Rusty Wallace's signature (and Kenny's) on the back of the passenger sun visor, as well as the yellow-letter Goodyear NASCAR radials.

All in all, this car makes a great entry level collectible and fun cruiser - it looks sharp, is ridiculously easy to maintain, and brings back fond memories of my youth - what more could I really ask of it?
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