This Tool Helps You DRIVE SCREWS WITH EASE! (Bit Guide/Bit Sleeve/Drive Guide/Drill Bit Sleeve)

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This Tool Helps You DRIVE SCREWS WITH EASE! (Bit Guide/Bit Sleeve/Drive Guide/Drill Bit Sleeve)

Clients always want to know what this attachment is in my drill. In this episode of The Honest Carpenter, I discuss what this tool is, what it does, and how to use it!

Drive Guides are also sometimes called Drill Guides, Bit Guides and Bit Sleeves. These tools help you drive screws easily, and they also keep your fingers safe!

Drive guides chuck into a drill like a normal drill bit. They have a slot on the end for a variety of drill bits to sit in. (This slot is often magnetically charge--so screws and other fasteners want to cling to a bit when they are in the Drive Guide.

When you want to drive a screw, just slot it onto the end of the bit. Then, throw the Drive Guide Sleeve over the screw by sliding it forward.

The Drive Guide Sleeve keeps the screw from wobbling or falling off of the bit.

It's best to put the tip of the screw in place, then push the Drive Guide Bit Sleeve over it. This will make line-ups easier.

When the sleeve is fully extended, just drive the screw like normal. The bit sleeve will keep it in place. As the screw sinks in, the bit sleeve gradually retracts. When the screw is fully embedded, just pull the drill back and prepare to drive another fastener.

The Drive Guide Bit Sleeve also gives you something to hold onto near the tip of the tool for support. It swivels around the shaft easily.

This is better than friction-burning your fingers, or getting metal spurs in your fingertips!

Drive Guide Bit Sleeves come in a variety of sizes. Larger Drill Guides can accommodate longer screws.

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