Thousands of Retro Games in Your Pocket with this DIY Emulator!

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Let's build the best size, no-compromise, retro handheld gaming console.
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Parts list:
Game Boy Null -
Raspberry Pi Zero W -
Battery -
microSD card -

Kapton tape -
.015" leaded solder -
Solder wick -
Amtech Flux (IMPORTANT) -
Inexpensive (but high quality) soldering iron -
Hakko FX-951 soldering station -
Hakko conical solder tip -
Optional rubber work mat -

Snazzy Labs uses 3D printing and amateur soldering (this video provides a 'how to solder' tutorial for soldering beginners) to create the world's coolest (and tiniest) handheld emulator using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Enjoy thousands of retro games in your pocket with this fun DIY project!

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