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First of all i would like to thank you all for supporting me , cause of you all i have come this so Thank You Everyone! Love you all :D
Let's try our best to reach 100k subscribers. I love you all

•Siblings Channel•

Aya Sakamaki

Manami Gacha

Ume Gacha

Arlo Sakamaki

Daichi Gacha

•Links To There Channels•


TOP 9:Zhopa_tiUwU YouTube

TOP 8:꧁Itz lil Bean꧂

TOP 7:Kimi Zuki Zuki πwπ

TOP 6:Xx_Simrah_xX

TOP 5:Muff

TOP 4:ImNormal ?

TOP 3:agria _Pn15

TOP 2:Souma- Gacha

TOP 1:may are my tv
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