Top 7 Must Have Android Apps - Jun 2020!

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Here's my handpicked list of best #AndroidApps for Jun #2020.

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TrueAmps - live animated display of battery charging as always on display
Download link:

Unusual Wallpapers: High quality, super resolution, unique dystopian wallpapers
Download link:

Copy Text on Screen: Extract text from a screenshot and copy it
Download link:

Metropolis - Live 3D renders of some urban North American cities as live wallpapers
Download link:

Download link:

Folds Icon Pack:
Download link:

Steno Notes:
Download Link:

00:16 - True Amps
00:34 - Unusual Wallpapers
01:02 - Copy Text on Screen
01:34 - Metropolis
02:14 - Traffix
03:12 - Folds Icon Pack
03:36 - Steno Notes
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