TOP Secret Fun Tanks!! World Of Tanks Console Update 6.0

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tanks you can love to hate wot Console update - world of tanks console update Well this video will show you 6 different wot console tanks you will love and what the best and worse things are about the tanks for both wot PC, wot ps4 and wot xbox one and any other world of tanks console variant.

This wot video primarily for console will show you all you need to know about 6 tanks on wot console and why you should play them on console world of tanks update ! Get on Wot Xbox or wot ps4 after the new update and maybe I'll see you playing these tanks!! I love these tanks and hopefully you will love them too, Interested to see your thoughts and opinion and how the tanks can be used in game!

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00:00 - Overview
00:29 - Tank Number 1
5:02 - Tank Number 2
9:37 - Tank Number 3
15:07 - Tank Number 4
19:03 - Tank Number 5
22:39 - Tank Number 6
27:25 - Tanks Conclusions
27:45 - Other World of tanks Videos

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