Travel Twins Best Adventures! ✈️ | Full Episodes | @American Girl

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The travel twins have the coolest adventures traveling around the world! Join them as they experience a French ballet, London tea time, Irish step dancing, and more!

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About Travel Twins:
PACK! Join our dynamic duo: Makayla and Michael, as they travel the world and have fun in different countries!
Get the full travel experience as they pack their bags and board the American Girl Airlines for a fun adventures!

About American Girl:
More than ever, it’s time to focus on how our girls are growing up. At American Girl, we believe in character. It defines who she’ll become: honest, confident, determined, and just…happy. For over 35 years, we’ve been a trusted guide on this journey—giving girls the inner strength to make a difference. Because being an American girl is learning who you are—and loving every part of it.

Travel Twins Best Adventures! ✈️ | Full Episodes | @American Girl
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