UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3 Theories, Predictions And More!

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UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 3 Theories, Predictions And More! We break down our theories on the Ending of The Umbrella Academy Season 2 and give our thoughts on the Sparrow Academy, Reginald Hargreeves, Ben, Harlan and a lot more!

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Ending

Ok so Season 2 centred around the group travelling back in time in order to avert the apocalypse. Due to Number 5 being unable to master his abilities properly, the family were dropped throughout the 60s and the entry followed him as he tried to reunite the group and stop Vanya from once more causing doomsday.

After a couple of close calls they managed to do this and through Ben's sacrifice the group saved the timeline, defeated the Handler and returned to the future, one day after the apocalypse.

However, they quickly learned that something was off and in the academy they not only found a picture of Ben hanging above the Fireplace but also came across Hargreeves who was alive and well.

To make matters worse, he had formed The Sparrow Academy which is actually the name of the fourth Umbrella Academy book and we'll discuss how we think this plays into it all later in the video.

I love the way that the ending shot mirrors the first and though the family prevented the apocalypse, there's still gonna be more problems.

Now though they have taken some liberties Netflix on the whole seem to be keeping things inline with the comics and with season 2 being so close to the second graphic novel Dallas, there are some things that we can take from this.

Now the third volume of the Umbrella academy, Hotel Oblivian deals with the group going off and doing their own things. It's not really set up here but they could end up pulling elements across whilst keeping the storyline sort of on it's own path.

There's a villain in it called the Murder Magician who I think will probably pop up and also an interdimensional prison for villains which is where the title comes from. On the whole it's to do with the group developing themselves whilst the world slowly fills with more and more superpowered lunatics and though it's an interesting premise I'm not sure if it's enough to build a full season around.

Now these super powered people all tie back to the 43 children that were born on the same day in 1989 and the arrival of Lila definitely teases that there were more out there like her.

So there will be a lot more potential students running around and this will likely have changed the face of the planet in several ways.

That takes us to our next theory.

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