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I have been seeing a lot of videos about using your stash or no paper left behind. So I thought I would create a little set of templates specifically designed to help with just that! Let me know what you think.

????The ~Use Your Stash~ template is a Freebie Friday template and it is a very small set of templates. It is ONLY free in my Facebook group, jenofeve designs(link below). The free version is only the plain templates. The free set does not have the background designs on them or the full sheet background. This Etsy listing(link below) includes both the plain templates, the background design templates, and the full sheet of the background design. This Etsy listing is NOT free and the background is not available anywhere else but in this listing. I have added this to Etsy because there is a lot of people out there that do not do Facebook! I totally understand so I made this listing just for those folks and added the extras to make it worth the money.

The ~Use Your Stash Mini Album Printable Template~ approximate finished size is 6 1/2"x 4"

These are only approximate measurements. Not all printers are created equally. There could be slight differences in the printing. A long as you print them all out the same your album will work out perfectly. So please don't get hung up on an 1/8 of an inch difference.
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????I have a list in Amazon, just for the "Use Your Stash" Mini Album that includes everything I use in that video as best I can, or the equivalent to! Click link below!
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