Villager Breeding | Episode 5 | Minecraft | Adventures of an old noob

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Hello and welcome to the continuing adventures of an old noob. In this episode, we use our two villagers to populate the island. Operation villager breeding is a go!


00:00 Intro

00:11 Previously

00:25 Episode Starts

01:37 Villager breeding explained part 1

02:09 Fishing for Name tags

02:50 Searching abandoned Mines for name tags

08:25 Building a Randomising name generator

10:53 Using Name Tags

11:32 naming Villagers

12:56 Villager breeding explained part 2

14:37 Villagers Breed

15:40 Villager breeding program begins

16:19 What happens whilst waiting for carrots to grow

16:44 Brief explanation of Iron Gollem spawning

17:20 Minecraft Tent Build

18:22 Villager breeding program successful

18:53 Villager breeder blues

19:24 Villager gossiping

19:50 Counting the population boom since the Villager breeding Program

20:24 Proof Minecraft recognises the island as a village

20:41 How to tame a cat

22:23 Future plans

24:17 Outro

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