Violet Pill - Multi Dimensional Soul Adventures - Duality Master Teaching.

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Duality – Second part and following on from video 1 'Red Pill, Blue Pill, Violet Pill' - this follow up explores further what Red Pill actually means and that it is a much wider term and energy than that described by many who are using it currently.
Archangel Metatron discusses different levels of being ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’ and that whichever camp we are in we have much to learn from each other. We look at a mandala created to help you assimilate Violet Pill energy – ie integrating duality to transcend it as well as understanding that TRUE AWAKENING is seeing beyond what is THERE to WHY it is there and being given the chance to play again or decide another route for humanity.

We take a look also at the very Masculine way that shadow is presenting and surfacing now and how to combat that if feeling overwhelmed by it.
Answering also the role of judgement and hell in Duality Teaching and where that leaves us….as Metatron says ‘if humanity would stop hanging on to the piece of space junk called linear time your WHOLE PERSPECTIVE AND REALITY WOULD CHANGE'.

Also looking at child souls and suffering who are often in fact ancient souls and at HIGHER LEVEL not victims - that being said at Earthly level our compassion and support is of course needed - what Metatron calls the 'red level' .
A general talk on multi dimensionality and timelines and how we can be playing multiple roles in multiple coexisting timelines. Time is NOT LINEAR and you are not just playing the role you see before you right now.

To make the discussion relevant to present day a look at current day 'Goodies' and 'Baddies' using terminology taken from Q’Anon dialogue but please respect that I do NOT endorse or follow Q’anon and do not post their words on my channel so please don’t put up links or they will be removed. This is a non political teaching. I simply am referencing it as another analogy of where we fail to see the true reality of BOTH SIDES. Same too for Bill Gates who again I am passing NO JUDGEMENT on in this video – simply repeating what is out there ....and IF so what would that mean in duality teaching terms…..and if you want to paint him as just a baddie you may not like the message! But that is Duality ….everyone has both light and dark within them whichever side they first choose to play for…including you! If you just project your darkness on to another you are missing the point of acknowledging first your own darkness.

Also referencing the Cherokee teaching of ‘which wolf do you feed’ – the article read out at the end about you need to FEED BOTH is from:

The Steve Pavlina piece on 11:11 Wake Up Calls and Red Pill / Blue Pill is from this mans work:

Other great Teachers on Duality mentioned Aluna Ash and Pamela Arylyn

Oracle Cards Used: Sacred Destiny – Denise Linn and Universal Oracle Cards – Christina Georgiva

Mandala Work: Helen Grant Johnstone
(See my Community Tab or FB page for the Violet Pill Mandala shown in this video - I will post it tomorrow 20th May)

Beautiful painting of ‘Time is Fluid just like our thoughts’ by my friend Muna – thank you Muna x

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Let us begin!! Remember to engage with your higher self to listen to this - and that we are offered the opportunity to understand why things are as they are but we also are asked to always respond at a loving level to any suffering we
As expressions of God we are all walking each other home whatever we chose to take on as souls in any of our as God says 'Are you not tired of this Duality game yet'!

Love to all and Thank You for your support. Amanda x
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