VLOGRadio is LIVE...Featuring K-pop LOVE Song Tripping mga ka Hype!!! Sound Test Broadcast Parin!

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TEST TEST ka-hype! Trip nating mag-kpop background muna ngayun para matest and music system stream natin if maganda ba sa pandinig hahah salamat!
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The playlist is randomly arranged, I want to give good songs to all of you. Hope you enjoy it.
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BTS Piano 2018 | BTS Piano for Sleeping and Studying
BTS Piano 2018 | BTS Piano for Sleeping and Studying

♫ Piano Playlist:


The Best Of BTS (방탄소년단) Relaxing Piano Music Compilation 2019
1. BTS - I Need You 0:00
2. BTS - Run 3:44
3. BTS - Save Me 8:22
4. BTS - Blood, Sweat & Tears 11:50
5. BTS - Spring Day 15:57
6. BTS - Not Today 20:37
7. BTS - Mic Drop 24:36
8. BTS - Butterfly 28:47
9. BTS - Anpanman 34:07
10. BTS - Airplane 38:06
11. BTS - The Truth Untold 41:28
12. BTS - Best Of Me 45:49
13. BTS - DNA 49:46
14. BTS - Fake Love 53:50
15. BTS - IDOL 58:02
16. BTS - Make It Right 1:02:02
17. BTS - Mikrokosmos 1:05:59
18. BTS - Boy With Luv 1:10:03

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