VOCODAH vs REMIX | Online World Beatbox Championship Solo Battle | 1/8 FINAL

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Vocodah from the USA and Remix from South Africa go at it in the first solo battle of the Online World Beatbox Championship 2020. Both of them are known for their amazing textures of different basses in beatboxing, with Vocodah pushing boundaries of inward bass while Remix is constantly evolving on his vibration bass. Their work on both of these sounds
has prompted them to rise as artists in the beatbox community and it was a pleasure to watch them compete at OWBC2020.

Follow Vocodah: @vocodah
Follow Remix: @remixbeatbox

The 2020 Online World Beatbox Championship was the first ever online beatbox battle with world class level judges and qualification for the solo battle winner to judge a live event: The Legends Beatbox Battle 2021!

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Special Thanks To:
Briel Benoza (@vulpiinus_art) - Graphics Designer
Riptide (@riptide_bbx) - Video Editor

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- Beatbox Community Team 2020

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