War Robots Test: New Titan Minos, New Robot Shell & New weapons Scatter Devastator, Havoc & Squall

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new titan Minos & Titan shotguns called squall, new robot shell, new heavy weapon devastator, new medium weapon havoc and new light weapon scatter, these are new energy weapons that will not allow you to heal.

Hello I am Danny Lightning of Lightning WR. My War Robots channel = Awesome Fun War robots videos, Weapon and Robot Reviews, All The Latest news, Build Videos, Game Tips And A Lot Of Other Great Stuff Too. If You would like to help support this channel: here is a link where you can do that, thank you so much - I have some really muscle and nerve issues so i cant do much, health issues suck so remember anything helps :)

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If you would like to try the war robots test server you can get a link to download it from the official war robots test server facebook page, here is a link
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