Weekly Reading Vlog #2: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood p.0-106, The Hand of Oberon p.536-540

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Week of March 22nd, 2021
Books (110 pages this week)
The Hand of Oberon (4 pages)
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (106 pages)

The History of Rome: From 167- Exploiting the Opportunity To The Storm Before The Storm: Chapter 1- The Beasts of Italy
The Tsarevich

My weekly reading list:

For more information about what this is and why I'm doing it, see here:

If you can't be bothered to sit through all that, here's the short version:
1) I'm going to start doing weekly reading vlog videos
2) Instead of talking about whole books, I'm just going to talk about the pages that I read this week. I'm going to be summarizing the story of the pages that I've read, so there will be spoilers.
3) I'm going to be doing this in addition to (and not instead of) my book review video. The content may overlap. So if you watch both the weekly reading vlog, and the book review video, expect some repetition. (Maybe just pick one or the other.)
4). The camera cuts out after 30 minutes, and that's just as well. (Sorry as always about cutting out in mid-sentence though.)
5). I'm going to put all my reading, listening and watching for that week on a Google Document. I'll talk about everything I can before the camera cuts out. Any content I get to, I'll put in the description of the video. Any content I don't get to will just be in the Google Document. If I don't get a chance to talk about something, the standard disclaimer is that just because I've read it or listened to it does not mean I endorse it or agree with it.
6). I'm going to keep track of my weekly pages read for my own benefit.

Reading Vlog Playlist:
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