What does Rudy's Raid bring to Trump & What's on the Computer / Cell Phone? Lenormand Grand Tableau

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For personal readings over the phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom please go to: -- to pay for the length of time and what type of reading (astrology is offered as well) then email me at SpiritualGrowthTarot@ to set up our appointment. In your email please let me know which is your preferred platform to meet on from the choices above and what time zone you're in. Also if you want an audio recording, let me know that as well and I can send it over dropbox. In that case be sure to have your dropbox account downloaded before our appointment -- and just in case there's a technical issue on my end you may want to take notes. If we are on Skype or Zoom you can record your session on that platform. Many people also record their sessions on cell phones while using their computers, iPads or other tablets for our session.

Several Recommended channels:
Debbie w/ Freebird Spirit Tarot:

Scott Alan Spiritual Essence:

Foolish Tarot:

Touched by Tarot

Sheilah - Inquisitive Tarot:

Decks often used: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne, Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, Borderless Rider Waite, Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward, Mondnacht Lenormand and Fin De Siecle Kipper and Marchetti Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, The Card Geek's Kipper by Toni Puhle, Monstarot and Whispering Spirits Tarot by Joanna Nelson, The Animal Spirit Oracle, Mystical Shaman Oracle and Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid, The Quantum Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor and the Threads of Fate Lumen Edition Oracle by Blaire Porter and Brit June, Anna K Tarot and Golden Dreams Lenormand by Tarocco Studio.

For all readings I align with the universal forces of love, truth and wisdom before shuffling and drawing the cards.

By law I must state: All readings are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. Information provided is not to be substituted for any type of professional, legal, psychological and/or medical advice.
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