What If Yajirobe Was A Z-Fighter? Part 3

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What If Yajirobe from #DragonBall decided to train and become stronger than he was in the anime series? His power had potential and when it was Yajirobe vs Goku, it was very a while. However, this character became very lazy and chose to live with Korin and have an easy what if he didn't and chose to be more active against King Piccolo and his son? Would Kami recognise his power? Let's find out! What If Yajirobe Was A Z-Fighter?

What If Yajirobe Was A Z-Fighter? Part 3

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Hey folks, MasakoX here. On this channel, we like to give some lesser known characters the chance to do better by looking to the main character for inspiration. In this world, where Goku is the strongest one going and somebody quite likeable, there aren't many people who have the drive and initiative to do better and try to surpass him specially; well, with the possible exception of Tenshinhan, that's been his MO ever since he met him, even with him becoming a good guy. He still wants to beat Goku. Anyway, in this story, we have another person who might be a likely candidate to outdo Goku when it comes to power and if only he had the initial spark to go with it. Yes, it's that time again. We are now seeing the likes of Yajirobe finally getting the push to do better as a Dragon Team member and starting to train more like Goky.

Now if you're thinking that this is something that could never happen, you might be mistaken actually! Based on what we know from power levels, character bios and what not, it turns out that Yajirobe was actually pretty skilled and pretty powerful back in the early Dragon Ball days. His power was pretty close to Goku for a long time and the only reason he fell to the wayside in later years was simply for the fact that makes up his entire 's absolutely and positively bone idle. He is lazy, he is apathetic about everything and thusly, he doesn't look to improve at nearly the same pace as anyone else. The only reason he trained before Vegeta and Nappa arrived was because he was basically forced to. However here, his spark towards becoming a stronger fighter was much more substantial. Here, he cared about getting stronger and was much more invigorated and energised by the sight of Goku and his prodigious skills.

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