What You Need To Know Before Eating At Dairy Queen Again

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Dairy Queen has seen quite a few changes over the years. The venerable fast food chain serving up "Hot Eats" and "Cool Treats" since 1940 is best known for its soft-serve, Blizzards, and its wholesome image. If you grew up in the American South or Midwest, especially, you likely have fond memories of getting DQ ice cream in the summer. In recent years, the DQ Grill & Chill concept has helped DQ become more like a modern fast food chain, without losing the charm of the smaller, more old-fashioned locations. Think you know all about DQ? Here's the untold truth of Dairy Queen.

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Original DQ menu | 0:00
The Blizzard came later | 0:58
Blizzards aren't even ice cream | 1:51
Quality of meat rumors | 2:40
Top secret recipe | 3:26
Mark Cuban Dairy Queen controversy | 4:12
No Doubt origin story | 5:14

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