When Other Women Trigger You on Social Media

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Everyone's favorite topic - your SHADOW & getting TRIGGERED.

Particularly when you're feeling triggered and reactive by other women you see or follow on social media

(or in your life in general - you could be any gender and be triggered; and we all have inner yin/yang energies)

When you get that pang of






Do you just quickly unfollow or unsubscribe?

Do you create a bunch of stories to justify your reaction?

Or do you go deeper & reflect to find the TRUTH beneath the trigger.

Because there is one. Always.

Maybe the sexy Queen with a juicy romantic life that you want to hate on is there to help you see it's time to nurture yourself or open your heart.

Maybe the millionaire coach you want to talk ish about is showing up in your reality to help you see you're fully capable of creating your own prosperity.

Maybe the woman who's completely unfiltered that makes you cringe is helping you see how you filter yourself to fit in or to find acceptance and external validation.

You feel me?

Let's dive in. xx

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