WPF C# | Epic Games Launcher UI | UI Design in Wpf C# (Jd's Code Lab)

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Hey Guys,
Welcome back to my another video tutorial. This is the first part of Epic Games Launcher UI.
So, In this video, I will show you how to customize the WindowChrome the native Title Bar and Window Style without losing the default window animations and docking features etc. This video will be very helpful for you to get started and design custom Window UI's. So, kindly watch the entire video. Also support me on patreon or you can also join membership by click the join button below to get early access to my videos and source codes in future. And don't forget to Like, Subscribe & Share.

Time Stamps for your convenience:
0:00 A Kind Request
00:30 End Results
01:22 Getting Started:
01:45 Window Styling
03:13 Defining ResourceDictionary in
12:18 Loading Page
12:40 Striped ProgressBar

Stay tuned for more such videos!

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