WWII की Burma Battle में Japanese सैनिक कैसे बने saltwater crocodiles का शिकार? | Tarikh E56

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Tarikh Episode 56.

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In this edition of Tarikh, Nikhil Wath narrates story of  ‘worst crocodile disaster in the world’, as stated by Guinness Book of World Records.

During World War 2, when Imperial Japanese army was fighting with British Indian Army in Ramree Island, one of the troop of 1,000 soldiers of Japan had 2 option either to surrender or to retreat via mangrove swamp. Japanese Soldier chose to go-ahead with the later one. Mangrove swamp was heavily populated with predators, saltwater crocodile. Therefore, the option selected by Japanese Soldier became the matter of life and death and these crocodiles took lives of 400-1000 Japanese soldier. Though range (400-1000) is big due to different sources quoting different numbers. And some new historians says that the part of the entire tragedy is an ‘urban myth’ or ‘urban legend’.

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