​​​​​​​नास्टले बनायो यान्त्रिका रोबोट | Yantrika Robot

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​​​​​​​नास्टले बनायो यान्त्रिका रोबोट | Yantrika Robot

Yantrika or Corona Combat Visitor's Service Robot is the beta - version of the first-ever autonomous humanoid robot developed by NAST, in collaboration with the Technical Group of people named Innovative Group. Yantrika is designed, research, developed, and fabricated by the faculty of Technology, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST). Some of the exceptional attributes of Yantrika are :

- Blending of art and technology.
- Automatic contactless measurement of body temperature.
- Sanitizer dispenser to sanitize hands.
- Face mask detection with face mask vending unit.
- informative touch screen display for convenience.
- wheeled locomotion.

Yantrika is expected to be released by late 2021 with superior features, enhanced neural networking, and elevated processing power.

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